Child Fall Protection Screens

Accidental falls are the leading cause of death for children under the age of 14, with toddlers at the highest risk of falling from windows. Approximately 5,000 children annually in the United States require treatment following a window fall. A child who falls 10 feet can suffer spinal injury, paralysis and fatal head injury.
While there are a number of products aimed at securing windows against child falls, many are not lasting solutions or fit seamlessly within the home design.
Seccurit has developed a barrier screen application designed for windows that is manufactured using marine-grade high-tensile stainless steel mesh. This type of screen is a highly secure barrier, complying with SMA 6001 standards, and guaranteed against corrosion for 10 years.
Seccurit barrier screens are architecturally thoughtful, not hindering visibility and allowing for natural ventilation whilst still meeting all the required standards for fall prevention screens.
Whilst Seccurit’s barrier screens may look like a traditional fly screen, our mesh and fixing system is high impenetrable, consisting of marine-grade woven stainless steel fitted in a patented locking system traditionally used to protect homes from invasion.
Seccurit’s barrier screens are fixed with a patented fixing system that uses a plastic wedge to separate the stainless steel mesh from the aluminum frame, which prevents electrolysis from dissimilar metals, stopping rusting and corrosion on both the screen and frame. No other screen on the market has this fixing system and Meshtec’s patented system does not require any unsightly screws.
Falls by children occur mainly in the warmer months, due to unsecured windows. The safest protection against window falls is a secure barrier screen, which will allow you to have your window open for ventilation with complete piece-of-mind that the area is secure.